SupervisionCam by Peter Kirst
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SupervisionCam turns your PC into a video surveillance system. The program compares the incoming data from a video camera, from an image somewhere in the Internet (see Use an Image as source) or the screen contents and starts capturing if movement is detected. Additionally, SupervisionCam can save images continually with a defined time space. This opens additional possibilities: You can use SupervisionCam to capture slow motion animations e.g. of a growing flower or you can use it as a program to upload the current picture on a Web server (WebCam).

What are the features of SupervisionCam?


Main Window


Motion Detection
Mask Dialog
External Switches
Save Image
Advanced Save Image Settings
Play Sound / Run Program
Send Message / Send Mail
HTML Page / Server Upload / Dial In
Activity Timing

The print dialog

HTTP Server Settings

Taskbar icon

MultiView Configuration