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May 31, 2011 (1100k)

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Updated Version

Fix: Configuration page still crashed on some computers

Updated Version

Fix: Configuration page crashes on some computers
Fix: User/Password settings for download of WebCam images are not saved  
Fix: Download of WebCam images improved

Updated Version  3.2.2

Fix: Some files for the HTTP server were missing 

Changes from version 3.2.1 to 3.2.2

Fix: Configuration of multiple DirectShow devices was partly wrong
Fix: Scheduler settings sometimes lost 
New: Restart configuration in the same state like it was closed: Surveillance active or passive and View windows state.

Changes from version 3.2 to 3.2.1

New: Motion detected AVI capture framerate now defined by capture device frame rate for DirectShow sources. Previously only compared frames are added to the AVI.
Fix: Older configurations may be reloaded with each program start. 
Fix: Resizing of Multiview windows was not possible

Changes from version 3.05.14 to 3.2

New configuration design 
Improved motion detection
Fix: Image sources larger than VGA sometimes caused a program crash 
Language support reduced to German and Englisch
Experimental: Support for streaming sources

Changes from version 3.05.4 to 3.05.14

Improved motion detection algorithm
Many small fixes reported by customers

Changes from version 3.05.4 to 3.05.5

Fix upload problem: Only old images are uploaded

Changes from version 3.05 to 3.05.4

Add support user/password identification for image file download. This allows access to password protected Web cams or access to Web cams behind password protected firewalls
Add saving images before an external signal is detected 

Changes from version 3.04.1 to 3.05

Includes all changes from the last two beta releases
Add TV-channel setup and switching from one to the next channel for multiple configurations
AVI Sound was not available if configuration box was closed with OK
Fix for some minor bugs of the beta version
Beta release
Some fixes for internal memory management (email/upload)
Image buffer now uses memory instead of hard drive 
Beta release 3.04.9 / Changes from version 3.04.1 to 3.04.9 

Some parts of SupervisionCam are rewritten. Although I tested all new and old features thoroughly, I'm worried that I missed something. Therefore I post this new release as a beta version first and hope that someone else is interested in testing and will send me a short report. 

AVI capture support for motion detection with optional sound capturing added
Full featured Multiview support (a stand alone, frameless window for one or more camera views)
Add settings to save a defined number of image before a motion was detected
Motion inactivity detection added
Simple interlaced filter added
SMTP mail protocol supports user / password login
Extremely reduced memory usage for large image lists
Faster loading and starting of configurations with large lists

Changes from version 3.04 to 3.04.1

Version 3.04 did not run under Windows NT 
All opened documents will be reloaded with SupervisionCam after crash
All time scheduled image saving settings now work correct

(New frameless image window added for test purposes. To test  it, add the following registry key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PkSoft\SupervisionCam]
It is configurable under "Tools", "Program Settings". Please send me your Feedback.
11/15/2002: Update to version 3.04.2 to fix protection fault on the Multiview configure page.)

Changes from version 3.03 to 3.04
Fix for FTP upload problem
PNG image format support added (includes alpha channel for PNG logo)
Image text can be aligned left or right
Fix for image compare rate

Changes from version 3.02.1 to 3.03

Fix for an image rate bug
One WDM device can be used for different configurations simultaneously 
Support for multi-channel boards added. Additional info under FAQ 
Ctrl+F2 and Ctrl+F3 stops and starts all opened configurations

Changes from version 3.02 to 3.02.1

WDM driver support improved (Nvidia and ATI devices)
Fix of HTML image download issues
&CameraName& will be replaced by configuration name without extension .svc
Improved system performance during FTP upload 
Dial in support for multiple cameras improved

Changes from version 3.01 to 3.02

Simple password protection for HTML server
Remote live viewer SupervisionView is available
WDM driver can use DirectX renderer (may improve video window speed and quality)
SupervisionCam can select and save input of WDM capture devices with more than one source
Enhanced settings for external motion detection (external switch)
Faster handling for large image lists
Fix of several minor bugs
Support for multiple cameras improved

Changes from version 3.00.2 to 3.01

More than one image can be attached to mails
Improved detection of USB devices with the same name 
Improved HTML protocols
Fixed bug - FTP upload to NT based FTP servers sometimes failed
Password is required for program start
Resume unfinished image conversion with next program start

Changes from version 3.00.1 to 3.00.2

Editing of the URL for the image source could cause protection fault
Activity timing failed and performance problem for VfW devices if time scheduled capturing was disabled
Rotating and mirroring of image sources did not work
Internal HTML server did not show all configurations in the correct order

Changes from version 3.00 to 3.00.1

Problem with the device list fixed
Protection fault (Windows 2000) while rotating fixed
Print and AVI creation fixed
Portuguese language updated

Changes from version 2.06.2 to 3.00

Note: This is an major upgrade for registered shareware users. It is not possible to upgrade an OEM version  2.xx to version 3.xx of SupervisionCam. An OEM version is a licensed version that you may have got  with a camera.

SupervisionCam can  use WDM drivers by the DirectShow interface alternative to Video for Windows. This causes some important improvements like
- new devices are supported (for instance Digital Video (DV) cameras connected by FireWire)
- better support for USB cameras 
- enhanced support for multiple cameras 
Mask function supports color and gray sensitive filters
Mask can be calculated by SupervisionCam
Image can be rotated 90, 180 or 270 or mirrored
Screen can be used as image source
New view added: TimeView
Taskbar icon image can be modified or removed at all 

Test release of SendWave finished:

This application can call a  phone and play a message (wav file). It can be used by SupervisionCam to transmit an alarm. See Tips and Tools.

Changes from version 2.06.1 to 2.06.2

MMX detection failed and this caused an illegal instruction on older computers.

Changes from version 2.06 to 2.06.1

fix for version 2.06: FTP upload sometimes failed

Changes from version 2.05 to 2.06

External Trigger added: Signals on the game port can be used to activate the motion detection or to save images.
Web upload uses static file names instead file names with time stamp. This allows to include the images into static HTML documents.
Accelerated program start and sort functions for documents with many images.
Set dynamic destination directory support as default to avoid the restriction that Windows saves only a limited number of files in a directory.

Changes from version 2.04 to 2.05

Support for Spanish, Italian and Dutch language added
SupervisionCam can be checked and controlled from a remote computer with a simple Web browser
Frame Rate for AVI creation can be set over the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/PkSoft/SupervisionCam/AVI_FrameRate (DWORD)
Dynamic destination directory support (e.g. for each day a separate destination folder)
SupervisionCam can create the protocol file as a XML document
Bug fix: problems with Send Mail timeout 

Changes from version 2.03 to 2.04

French support added
New activity: set SupervisionCam into foreground if motion was detected
Disconnect device if activity is stopped (Open document file and change the value for "Disconnect If Stopped". It allows camera sharing for more documents.)
HTML generator allows to access images directly: 
<!TableEntryStart Start = x Max = 1 Type=SV >...<!TableEntryEnd>
with x is the number of the image

Changes from version 2.02.2 to 2.03

Mask the active area for the motion detection
Local or Internet (WebCam URL) image file can be used as source
Add possibility to create an AVI from the saved images
Save a defined minimum of images after motion detection
Add right-mouse-menu with any useful options to the Video and View Window
Re-open all documents
Mail subjects now customizable
Motion detection now completely switched off for simple WebCam functionality
Fix that some documents forgot the auto start option

Changes from version 2.02.1 to 2.02.2

Bug fix: JPG quality was not saved
Bug fix: Test function for Dial In caused sometimes protection error

Changes from version 2.02 to 2.02.1

Bug fix: FTP upload with empty subdirectory.
Help was not accessible under "Advanced Save Image Settings".

Changes from version 2.01 to 2.02

New function: Possibility to add a description to each image.
New function: Possibility to add a (transparent) logo (bitmap) to each image.
Some keys in the URL edit box did not work.
Delete entry under Activity Timing fixed
Progress bar for upload added
"Properties"-"Run Program"-"Test" function fixed
Dial up Settings were disabled if you try to use it only with send mail
New HTML source samples added

Changes from version 2.00 to 2.01

Motion detection is more sensible and can better handle light / dark changes
SMTP mail protocol now supported
Dial In support also for mail activities
Advanced print function: All selected images will be printed, print 1 or more images on one page
German and Portuguese language support added
Activity added: minimize active window if motion was detected (Important for game players at work)
The last saved image can be stored with a static name
Speed control for review added
Time order of the images fixed