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May 31, 2011 (1100k)

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Tips and Tools

SendWave: Call a phone and play a wave file

I got many customer requests to add the feature to call a voice phone and play a wave file when a motion was detected. SendWave is an application with this capability. Please view the ReadMe for more information.
Please send me a me your test result and opinion. This will help me to decide whether and how I continue to develop the program.


A simple SupervisionView adaptation for ARM based Pocket PCs. Just download SupervisionViewPPC, copy it to your PPC and start it.

"Send SMS" tool and "Camera Template" 

Check the following link for more details:

SendKey: Stop your screen saver if you get nearer to your computer 

If you have a screen saver configured and you want to stop it as soon as you are in front of your computer without touching the mouse or keyboard than SendKey can help you. Configure SupervisionCam for motion detection and enter the SendKey.exe under "Run program". Unfortunately it currently doesn't work with monitor power save modes.

Screensaver activates SupervisionCam

You can activate SupervisionCam automatically when you leave your computer. Download the SvcScreenSaver.scr to your computer, click the right mouse button and select "install". You will get the Windows Screen Saver configuration box and you can now configure it. Please note that SupervisionCam must be started with a valid configuration first. The SvcScreenSaver will only activate the topmost configuration of SupervisionCam.

Different settings for one camera

Starting with version 3.03 you can open one WDM device multiple times simultaneously. This may be useful if you need different settings for day and night. Just open a second configuration with "Configuration", "New" and select the device with different trigger and event settings. With the time scheduler you can configure separate start/stop times for both (or more) configurations too.

Customizable default settings for new configurations

"Configuration", "New" opens a new configuration with all default settings of SupervisionCam. If you are tired to set always your own defaults you can put an file "" into your SvC folder just with the entries you prefer. These entries should be copied from an *.svc file. For Instance:
[Capture Settings]
Timer = 1000
Offset = 25
[Play Sound]
Enable = 0
(Images should be compared every 1 second, dynamic offset is 25 and play wave is disabled.)

Additional, undocumented configuration and program settings

Some features/settings are not accessible thought the configuration dialogs to keep them clearly arranged. 

Configuration settings:

To edit these settings, you have to close SupervisionCam and to open your configuration file with a text editor like notepad.exe and change the value behind the '=' in the line with the key described below.

Key Value Meaning
Preview Timer - time between two frames in milliseconds
- default (-1) = calc from other settings 
SvC calculates the refresh time depending on the settings like "compare images every x seconds". To force a higher refresh rate you can set this value to a smaller value.
Capture Timer - time between two captured images in milliseconds
- default (-1) = setting for "Compare images every x seconds"
With default settings SvC saves an image if an motion was detected. With a value smaller than the compare time you force a higher capture rate.
Reconnect if frames lost - default 20 SvC disconnects and reconnects the driver if the number of lost frames is higher than this value + 10 seconds
Wait time for channel synchronization - time in milliseconds
- default 300
For multi-channel boards SvC can switch though the channels to capture each input. This value defines the minimal delay time to switch to the channel for this configuration.
Disconnect If Stopped - 0 or 1
- default 0
With the default settings the camera image is showed although the depending configuration is not active (but open). If you want to use the device with an other application, you can force SvC to disconnect.

Program Settings

Edit the registry at your own risk and be careful!

To change them, you must edit the registry. Run regedit.exe and select the folder "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PkSoft\SupervisionCam". The key below must be changed or added to take profit of these features. The links behind the keys loads a *.reg file that add the required registry entry, if you execute it.

Key [Type] Value Meaning
AVI_FrameRate [dword] - time in ms
- default (key not exist): equal capture rate
It defines the frame rate of the AVI file created by SupervisionCam.
Passive FTP [dword] - 0 or 1 
- default 0
Under some circumstances a passive FTP connection is required for the upload. This key forces SvC to use passive FTP.
UseDotZeroName [dword] - 0 or 1
- default 0
SvC uses file names TYPE_DATE_TIME_MOTIONS.bmp. If more than one image was captured in a second, a .NBR is added behind TIME. This cause that programs like the Windows explorer does not show the images in the correct time order. With this key the order is correct.